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Can data help gain affordable health care?

In this world, everyone is trying to make survival possible. Some are struggling to earn while others have billions of dollars in their accounts. Unequal division of money causes many problems. One of the biggest problems in health care. Health is more important than money. With a healthy lifestyle, you can work effectively and earn a sufficient proportion to make a good living. 

Our whole life system is attracted by data science. In every aspect of life, data science is an integral component. However, today our topic of discussion is health care and data science. How are these related and how does big data help us in determining our health.

How Big data technology collects health care information?

Big data applications are currently dominating the market. Most of the medical students can learn the names of diseases with the treatment on their smartphones. Apart from it, for pharmacists, you can find various applications that offer the medicine names with their current pricing. This is how the big data applications are currently affecting our lives. Let’s suppose, you are a medical student, you can get whatever you want from the internet and collect data to learn it later. Know more about Data Science Course in Pune

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In some countries, such as India, there is an Adhaar Card that has the whole history of medical treatment. Imagine a card procures all your health care history. This is how you can access to various means of knowledge and information about your health directly from data science methods.

Sources of Data:

You might have many questions regarding how is data collected and what is the source to collect your health care data? All the history about your health care comes from different sources such as hospitals where you have been admitted for medical treatments. In this coronavirus pandemic, you might have noticed updated cases of patients on the internet. This is only possible due to the fact of data collection from various centers and updating them in real-time on the Internet. The basics of everything is data science.

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Can data science provide affordable health care?

From the above analysis, you have got a complete overview of how data science helps us access our history and learn more about it. But the question arises, does data science provide us help in health care or not? The question is of prime importance because it is the responsibility of the establishment of a country to provide citizens with free health care. 

Data science with machine learning and artificial intelligence has provided us with several ways to do diagnosis. A disease can be identified based on differential diagnosis that helps us determine the actual cause and discover actual treatment. Many diseases have the same symptoms. Data science has effectively resolved this problem.

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It is predicted that with machine learning, in the future, there will be free health care system empowered by everyone. Inexpensive equipments are currently being invented and will deliver optimized health care. The cost for cancer patients treatments will be very much less compared to today’s. visit here for more details Data Science Course in Chennai


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